Married women who cheat aren’t bad people

Are married women who cheat necessarily sluts and immoral prostitutes? I ask this question not to make you laugh, but to basically open your eyes to the fact that there are a lot of judgmental people out there. There are a lot of people who are projecting a lot of personal unhappiness and pain onto the lives of other people.


In a way, it kind of makes sense why there are so many haters. Think about it, we live in a world we can’t control. We live in a world that is constantly changing and being destroyed and rebuilt all around us. It’s very easy to feel small. It’s very easy to think that we are just a minor detail that fell between the cracks and we don’t really have control over our surroundings. It’s easy to feel really powerless and small. And there are many ways to deal with this. Of course, a lot of people deal with this through alcoholism, drug addiction, sex addiction. Other people deal with this through mindless entertainment and gossiping. Even other people deal with this through a tremendous amount of negativity.


You have to remember that negative and unhappy people tend to project their inner world. After all, your external world is simply just a reflection of your inner world. Your life is a mirror of how you’re thinking, what your expectations are and what your assumptions are. And unfortunately, married women who cheat tend to be convenient targets of an all-too convenient sense of moral superiority. If you look at these people who are judging other people, chances are they are suffering from the same shortcomings that they readily see in others. That’s why married women who cheat instinctively focus on “failings”.