Firm bodied blonde exgirlfriend bitch Li Ann showing her assets on the chair

This little tramp is Li Ann, I met her through a friend of mine, she was in a abusive relationship at the time.. .so she told me anyway, and she needed help to get out of it, we would meet about once a week and she would talk and cry about how her boyfriend was mean to her, and would ‘ruff her up’ from time to time, I really wanted to help her, but did not know how, we pretty much started to see each other, and whatnot, she would email me erotic photos and videos of herself and tell me that as soon as she could figure out how to get away from her boyfriend, we could be together 100%, so I decided to set her up in an apartment not too far from me, she was actually living a few hours away from me at the time, I got her moved in, and everything was cool. I went over to see her one night, to surprise her really, but it was me that got the surprise when some large guy opened the door, and asked “who the pump are you and why are you at MY HOUSE” what a whore! Here are a few more of the videos she sent me.

Name and location withheld